LifeMiles Program

New accumulation and qualification model!

In Avianca we want you to start the new year enjoying what you like best. That's why, starting January 31, 2021, we will implement a new model of mileage accrual, based on the fare you buy:

  • Multiply by 5x the purchased fare* to find out your qualifying miles, which will allow you to become a LifeMiles Elite member.
  • To determine your Elite Bonus, you must multiply the fare* by the factor that corresponds to your Elite level.

*The dollar fare is minus fees, taxes and additional services.

Please note: Starting January 1, 2021 there will be two requirements to qualify for an Elite status: qualifying miles and a minimum number of miles flown with Avianca. We are adjusting the qualification requirements for 2021 according to the current situation, generated by the COVID-19. Size XS does not provide qualifying mileage accrual or Elite Bonus award miles.

Your loyalty #KeepOnFlying

The bonus of 500 additional miles from LifeMiles applies only to LifeMiles members who have flown in business cabin in a type 32R aircraft operated by Avianca and whose tickets have been issue in commercial fares or have been redeemed with miles. The miles will be credited a maximum of 10 calendar days after flying said segment. To receive the mileage bonus, the members had to enter the LifeMiles frequent flyer number correctly before flying the segment and personal data (name, surname) must match with the flyer number. It will not be possible to subsequently request the accumulation of the bonus of miles to the LifeMiles account. The miles awarded with this bonus are not eligible for elite status and may be redeemed during its validity. The miles expiration policy of the LifeMiles program applies. This bonus will be delivered for an indefinite period of time for flights made from August 1, 2021 and until Avianca at its discretion decides to eliminate this mileage bonus. Avianca will notify one month in advance via of the completion date for the delivery of this bonus.

Below, to navigate this component must use tab to navigate through the lists and texts.

LifeMiles Red Plus

From January 1, 2021 a new first level arrives for you to start living an Elite experience.

  • Additional award miles for each flight
  • Minimum miles for flights within Colombia and Ecuador
  • Mileage validity for 24 months
  • Airport check-in priority
  • Star Alliance Silver Status

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1. Why did you change the mileage accrual model if the previous one worked well?

This model is much simpler and clearer, it has a direct relationship with the value paid by the member. Additionally, it is an industry trend to simplify the program.

2. How will I earn qualifying miles with the recently announced new accrual model?

We've simplified the way you earn miles, so from January 31, 2021, you only need to multiply the fare* on your ticket by 5. This calculation will give you the qualifying miles earned and that will be added to your elite counter.

Example: Maria bought a ticket from Bogotá to Miami for USD 300, so to know her qualifying miles you just have to multiply the fare* of her ticket by 5 and that's how easy it will be to know that she accumulated 1,500 miles.

*Remember that the fare does not include fees, taxes and additional services.

3. How will the conversion be if I buy my ticket in a currency other than dollars (USD)?

The conversion to dollars (USD) of the purchased fare will be based on the TRM in effect at the time of purchase.

4. How will miles be calculated if my travel itinerary includes more than one flight?

The total amount of miles to be received based on the fare paid will be distributed proportionally as you complete each of your flights.

Example: Maria purchased a one-way ticket from Bogota to Miami with a stopover in San Salvador for USD 300, which allows her to accumulate a total of 1,500 qualifying miles. 

As she flies, Maria will accumulate the miles as follows:

  • Bogota to San Salvador (USD 200) = 1,000 qualifying miles
  • San Salvador to Miami (USD 100) = 500 qualifying miles

5. Why did I accrue more miles on one leg than the other if my trip had the same outbound and return distance?

It is possible that one leg of your ticket is more expensive than the other, even if the distance traveled is the same, so you will accrue more miles on that leg.

Example: Maria travels from Bogota to Miami, and she will not necessarily accrue the same amount of miles one way and the other way, the accrual will depend on the fare she paid for each way.

  • Bogota to Miami (USD 300) = 1,500 qualifying miles
  • Miami to Bogota (USD 200) = 1,000 qualifying miles

6. How will I earn miles until January 30, 2021?

You will accrue LifeMiles based on the type of fare purchased and the distance traveled, as it has been done historically with Avianca. Remember that qualifying segments will not be counted in 2021.

7. If I am an Elite member, how will I earn Elite Bonus award miles?

Each Elite status has an additional factor to the base, which you must multiply by the fare of the purchased ticket to calculate your Elite bonus award miles.

  • Diamond: x6
  • Gold: x4
  • Silver: x3
  • Network Plus: x1

This factor is in addition to the base factor of 5 that you receive regardless of status, so for example if you are a Diamond member you receive a total factor of 11.

Example: Maria bought a Bogotá to Miami ticket for USD 300 and because she is a Diamond Elite member, she will multiply the fare* by 6 and she will know that she has accumulated 1,800 additional miles of the Elite Bonus. She will also receive 1,500 qualifying miles for a total of 3,300 miles that can be redeemed on any product available at

*Remember that the rate does not include fees, taxes and additional services.

8. If I am an elite member, will I be guaranteed a minimum number of miles on my flights within Colombia and Ecuador?

The minimum mileage accrual for Elite members applies to flights within Colombia (LM 500) and Ecuador (LM 375). Additional miles accrued to reach the minimum will be non-qualifying award miles.

Example: Maria is Diamond and bought a ticket from Bogota to Medellin, one way, for USD 35.

The calculation of her accrual will be:

  • Qualifying Miles = USD 35 x 5 = LM 175
  • Elite Bonus Miles (no minimum) = USD 35 x 6 = LM210
  • Total Miles (no minimum) = LM 385

Additional miles to reach the minimum

  • LM500 – LM385 = LM 115

Then Maria will accrue:

  • Qualifying Miles = LM 175
  • Elite Bonus Miles = LM 210 + LM 115 = LM 325

9. Do all sizes allow me to earn miles?

You can accrue miles based on the fare purchased in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. The XS size does not allow mileage accrual as it is super promotional.

10. How will I accrue miles if I bought my ticket with another airline to fly with Avianca?

If the first numbers on your ticket are different from 133, 134, 202, 530 or 547 your ticket will allow you to accrue miles based on the distance flown as you have been doing.

11. Will the qualifying flight miles I earned between October and December 2020 count towards the 2021 qualifying race?

Yes, all accruals made in October, November and December 2020 will also be included in your elite counter and will allow you to achieve or maintain one of our 4 elite statuses in 2021. These accumulations will be reflected in your elite counter in February 2021.

12. How do I qualify for elite status 2021?

Now you will only have to meet two requirements to obtain or maintain any of our 4 elite statuses; qualifying miles you earn on each flight with Avianca or Star Alliance airlines and a minimum of these qualifying miles flown only with Avianca.

13. Will the qualifying requirements to achieve or maintain any of the Elite statuses change in 2021?

As of January 1, 2021 the qualifying requirements for the 4 elite statuses will be adjusted taking into account the new mileage accrual model and the current situation generated by Covid-19. Learn more

14. What will happen to the segments accumulated before December 31, 2020? Will they be lost?

The segments accumulated during 2020 were valid for the 2020 elite race, so if you achieved the segments and/or other requirements in 2020 you will be able to achieve a new elite status to enjoy during 2021.  

15. What are the qualifying requirements to become a LifeMiles Red Plus member?

You must accumulate 8,250 qualifying miles in a calendar year. Remember that you must fly at least 6,600 qualifying miles with Avianca, and the rest can be flown with Star Alliance airlines.

16. What are the benefits of the new Red Plus elite status?

  • Additional Elite Bonus award miles for each flight you make.
  • Priority access when checking in at the airport
  • Mileage validity for 24 months.
  • Minimum miles on flights within Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Elite Maternity.
  • Star Alliance Silver recognition.

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17. How will I know that I have achieved any of the elite statuses including Red Plus?

You can check your accumulated qualifying miles, as well as the digital card at, in the LifeMiles app and in the Avianca app.

18. Why is it important to include my LifeMiles frequent flyer number on all my trips?

The frequent flyer number is important because it allows us to ensure that the miles from each trip are added to your account, so we can recognize you at all times during your trip and provide you with the benefits associated with your elite status.

19. When will the miles accrued during the last quarter of 2020 be reflected on my elite 2021 meter?

These accumulations will be reflected on your statement no later than February 28, 2021.

20. If I obtained one of the elite statuses for the 2019 qualifying race and I was informed that my status was extended until January 31, 2022, why does it still show February 28, 2021 as the expiration date?

The validity of your elite status will be automatically extended on March 1, 2021 until January 31, 2022 without the need for you to contact the airline.

21. I have doubts about the accrual of a specific ticket for a flight made after January 31, 2021, where can I contact you?

You can contact us through our WhatsApp channel at +57 311 4006797.

Miles on all your purchases!

Apply today for your Avianca LifeMiles credit card and discover the fastest way to earn thousands of miles. With your card you receive: 

  • Up to LM 40,000 welcome bonus and Elite status qualifying miles
  • Up to LM 2.4 per dollar on purchases
  • Exclusive promotions to fly for fewer miles
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LifeMiles 2020 Loyalty Program Terms

All members who met the airline's Elite status requirements in 2019 and received it on March 1, 2020 will have their status extended until January 31, 2022. The status will be automatically extended on March 1, 2021 without the need for customers to contact the airline.

  • Elite Diamond customers who wish to access a new set of upgrade certificates in 2021 must meet the qualification requirements for that status during 2021. Learn more.
  • The status extension applies only to members who earned their status in their own right due to flights they executed in 2019. Elite status invitations do not apply.

The LifeMiles rating system (miles, segments and dollars) was reduced by 50% so you can continue to move up in your LifeMiles Elite level. The Avianca mileage rating remains at 60%. Learn more

Miles earned during the October, November and December 2020 flights will be credited as momentum in the 2021 Elite race.

We have extended the validity of your miles! The expiration of those miles that were scheduled to expire between August 1 and December 31, 2021 will be paused. This will be done automatically without the need for customers to contact the airline.

We will continue to monitor the evolution and impact of COVID-19 on our operation on a daily basis and we ask you to stay tuned to the news we publish on our website.

1. Vigencia del Estatus Elite:
Todos los miembros que ganaron un estatus Elite el 1ro de marzo de 2020, tendrán una extensión de su estatus hasta el 31 de enero de 2022. La vigencia, se extenderá automáticamente el 1ro de marzo de 2021 sin necesidad de que los clientes se pongan en contacto con la aerolínea.

*Los clientes Elite Diamond que quieran acceder a un nuevo set de certificados de ascenso en 2021, deben cumplir los requisitos de calificación para dicho estatus durante el 2021. Conoce más aquí 

2. Requisitos de calificación para 2020:
El sistema de calificación de LifeMiles (millas, segmentos y dólares) tendrá una reducción en los requisitos de calificación, lo cual será informado oportunamente. El habilitador de millas voladas con Avianca se mantiene en 60%.

3. Flexibilidad para cambios en boletos redimidos con millas:
El cambio está excento de cobro de penalidad. Tienes tiempo para realizar tu nuevo viaje hasta el 30 de junio de 2021. Puedes contactarnos a través de nuestro call center o LiveCHAT. Recuerda, llama una vez tengas definida tu fecha de viaje.

4. Vencimiento de Millas:
Se pondrá en pausa la expiración de aquellas millas que estaban programadas entre el 1 de abril y el 31 de diciembre de 2020. Lo anterior se hará de manera automática sin necesidad de que los clientes se pongan en contacto con la aerolínea.

*Seguiremos monitoreando día a día la evolución y los impactos del Covid-19 en nuestra operación y te pedimos mantenerte atento a las novedades que publiquemos en nuestra página web.

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Do you have questions about LifeMiles?

  • How do I view my LifeMiles ecard?

    Through LifeMiles or MyAvianca app you can access your card and check your mileage balance.

  • Do I always have to enter my LifeMiles number?

    Don't forget to enter your LifeMiles number, so you can earn the miles whenever you fly.

  • What are LifeMiles' Elite statuses?

    Qualify for any of our 4 statuses or program levels: Red Plus, Silver, Gold or Diamond.