Additional baggage

What is extra baggage?

These are those pieces that are not included in your fare. You can add to your reservation the suitcases you prefer. These are the standard baggage dimensions: maximum 158 centimeters, equivalent to the sum of the exterior dimensions (height + length + width) with a weight of 23 kg (50 lb) per piece. If you exceed these dimensions, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Please note:

  • Baggage exceeding 158cm (62 inches) linear dimensions (length + width + height) up to 230cm (90.5 inches) will pay an "oversize" charge.
  • Pieces will be accepted like baggage documented in wine vault up to 230cm (90.5 linear) inches (I give + breadth + high place), pieces that exceed these measurements will not be accepted and they will have to be transported like load.
Maleta, dimensiones

Additional baggage fees

Find out about the conditions and rates for baggage carried on domestic and international flights.
*All prices include taxes, both for purchases at the airport and at These prices are subject to change due to high season

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