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New tax for foreign tourists traveling to Cancun!

As of April 1st, 2021, all foreign tourists traveling to Cancun must pay a tax of $224 Mexican pesos (MXN) before - after entering the destination or during their stay. Proof of payment must be presented before leaving the State.

Make your payment online by filling out the following form with your personal information. Remember that you can make the payment for families or groups as long as you fill in the information requested by the system for each traveler.

destino viajes a San Andres para disfrutar de las playas

Loss of identification document

Colombian citizens who suffer the loss of their identification document may fly to the interior of Colombia by presenting the following documents:


 Driving license.

 Libretto or military card.

 Professional card or any other document issued by a Colombian state government entity.


Tourist card for travelers to San Andres Island, Colombia

To enter San Andrés, you must present a tourist card that you can buy in the waiting room, before boarding your flight, for a current value of COP 118,700*. Remember that you must keep the tourist card during your entire trip and for your return flight, otherwise you will have to buy another card. 

*This price may change without notice. All travelers will have to pay for this card except if your stay is less than 24 hours. Children under 7 years old do not pay.

destino viajes a San Andres para disfrutar de las playas

Recommendations before your trip

It is your responsibility to inform yourself about all the documents and requirements for your trip

  1. Check that your passport is valid. Only original documents in good condition are accepted. Photocopies are not valid.
  2. Consultation and meet migration requirements at consulates or embassies of countries of origin, destination and transit (if you have to make a connection).
  3. Confirm if you need a vaccination certificate to enter the country you are traveling to. You can find out on the World Health Organization website.
  4. Verify changes in rules and obtain all documents to leave and enter a country, in addition to the formalities required by the authorities, even before acquiring the ticket. 
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For more information on the immigration requirements of the country to which you are traveling, please consult IATA Travel Centre.

Also, if you travel to Colombia or the United State

you must take into account the following information:

Signo pesos

VAT Refund


Special regulations