Luggage irregularities

Problems with your baggage?

Delayed baggage

We help you with your baggage in the shortest time possible! Our policy is to mobilize all delayed baggage within a maximum of 24 hours, except in circumstances beyond airport control such as lack of flight frequency, high season, bad weather, among other factors.

Remember that to make your claim request* for delayed baggage, we require:

  • Original label. 
  • Original ticket.
  • Travel document.

*You have a maximum of 21 days from the date your flight ended to make a claim for delayed baggage.

If you do not reside at the destination

If your permitted free baggage did not arrive on the same day of the flight and you do not reside in the airport city of your destination, you will be entitled to the delivery of a kit with basic necessities as compensation for the delay of your baggage.