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Why visit Medellin?

Fly to Medellin: Where Spring Comes to Life

Destination Medellin to get to know its universities

Medellín is known as the city of eternal spring for its flowers but also for its climate, which is characterized by a constant mild temperature thanks to its altitude of 1,495 meters above sea level. You can walk at any time of the day wearing cool clothes such as T-shirts, shorts, blouses and skirts.

Avianca flies to Medellín, the city where innovation and development also blossom. Medellín is one of the most attractive investment destinations in Latin America, according to the FDI Intelligence division of the Financial Times. Furthermore, in 2017 it was considered a 'Global Innovation Hub' by the 2ThinkNow Index. Around 170 companies from approximately 25 countries have come to its so-called Innovation District, and six of the 100 most prosperous Latin companies have been born in Medellín.

Destination Medellín to enjoy the view of the city

Every year, between July and August, the Flower Fair (Feria de las Flores) displays a wonderful parade: 500 Antioquian peasants from the Santa Elena region travel about 2 kilometers carrying their colorful saddles (large structures covered with flowers that are worn on the back). Half an hour away from the city you can learn more about this event at the farms where these saddles are built.

Destination Medellín to know the fashion

Color is also a protagonist at important textile fairs such as Colombiamoda and Colombiatex de las Américas, where about 19,000 people attend. This confirms the city's historical role as the epicenter of the local design industry. At shopping centers such as Santafé, Oviedo and Viva (Envigado) you will find part the city's offer. At Pueblito Paisa and Guatapé, on the other hand, you can find typical crafts such as the carriel de Jericó.

Destination Medellín to know the aquatic world

Among its public places, the Orquideorama at the Botanical Garden and the Explora Park were projects selected by the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, a Smithsonian institution, in a past edition of its design triennial in 2010. The garden is a place where the orchid—Colombia's national flower—grows, and where creativity and words are also harvested, since each year it hosts the Festival del Libro y la Cultura, a book festival with about a hundred editorial presentations.

Did you know that Medellín and Buenos Aires share a taste for Gardel's tango? Find flights to Buenos Aires with Avianca and discover the birthplace of this musical icon.

Destination Medellín to enjoy the events of Guatapé

Medellín's surroundings are also perfect to learn about the ‘Paisa’ culture. 77 kilometers away you will find Guatapé, an ideal reservoir to enjoy the view and to practice water sports. Likewise, from the capital of Antioquia you can easily reach El Carmen de Viboral—famous for its ceramics—, as well as traditional towns such as Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jardín and Jericó.

Keep exploring Colombia! In addition to offering tickets to Medellín, Avianca flies to Cali, Cartagena, Bogotá and many other destinations. Book your flights now!

Where to go in Medellin?

Around the Downtown Area

The center of Medellín is a reflection of the balance between constant development and heritage protection. Buildings such as the Museum of Antioquia or the Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe were once administrative headquarters, but today they are places dedicated to culture that tell the history of the region.

La Alpujarra Administrative Center

Destination Medellín to know Alpujarra

This is Medellín and Antioquia's administrative epicenter. It is known for housing the "Monumento a la Raza” (Monument to the Race): a 38-meter high bronze monument made in 1988 by the sculptor Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt. The work of the Antioquian artist is characterized by telling the history of local towns.

Did you know that most flights to Medellín, especially international ones, arrive at the José María Córdova International Airport? However, the city has another airport just 3.5 km away from the city center: the Olaya Herrera Ariport, declared a National Heritage of Colombia in 1995.

Paseo Carabobo

Destination Medellín to see the Carabobo promenade

This pedestrian street is characterized by its commercial activity. You can find music groups, fruit and vegetable stalls, clothing, shoes and kitchen utensils, among many others. Located in the old part of the city, several buildings around it have been restored, such as the National Palace, built in 1925, which today is a shopping center.

La Veracruz Church

Destination Medellín to know the church Veracruz

A couple of blocks away from Plaza Botero, this church is known for its white facade and its square. It was built on the ruins of the old Hermitage of Veracruz, from 1712, and was inaugurated in 1803. Its style is popular baroque and in 1982 it was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

Antioquia Museum

Destination Medellín to visit the museum of Antioquia

Inaugurated in 1881 in honor of botanist and hero Francisco Antonio Zea, this was the second museum to be founded in the country. It has an area of 4,500 square meters and its permanent collection houses murals by Pedro Nel Gómez, paintings by Fernando Botero and the oil painting "Horizontes" by Francisco Antonio Cano.

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe

Destination Medellín to visit the Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe

Located on Botero Square, its construction began in 1920 and was in charge of the Belgian architect Agustín Goovaerts, who was also responsible for the National Palace. The dome's shell is considered a masterpiece of mathematical architecture. In addition, the building was declared a National Monument in 1982.

A Through Calle Junín

"Juniniar". This is how the Medellín people call a walk along this pedestrian street in the center of the city (between the Coltejer Building and the Bolívar Park), where you can shop and try sweets and cakes. On your trip to Medellín, visit this street built by James Tyrrel Moore, a London citizen who arrived in the early 19th century, to connect the old town with "Villa Nueva", a sector in which the Englishman worked for its urbanization.

Coltejer Building

Destination Medellín to see the Coltejer building

It was completed in 1972 and at the time it was the tallest building in the country. The building is known for its rooftop, which has the shape of a textile shuttle. It was built in the place where the Junín Theater and the Hotel Europa stood, both of them works of the Belgian architect Agustín Goovaerts, which were demolished in 1967.

Bolivar Park

Destination Medellín to know Bolívar Park

This park was inaugurated in 1892. Its grounds—10,395 square meters—were donated by James Tyrrell Moore and the place is recognized by the equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar. The first Saturday of every month is the San Alejo artisan market, which is one of the city's most traditional activities.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Medellin

Destination Medellín to know the Metropolitan Cathedral of the city

Built in neo-Romanesque style, more than 40 years passed between the beginning of its construction and its inauguration: from 1890 to 1931. Known as "La Metropolitana", approximately 1,120,000 solid bricks were needed for its construction. It was declared a National Monument in 1982.

 Astor Tea Room

Destination Medellín to know the Salon Teastor

“Parva”. This is what the people of Medellín call bakery products. At the Astor, which opened its doors in 1930, you can "parvear" with some alfajores de arequipe while listening to the Nadaístas: a literary group from the 1960s.

Lido Theater

Destination Medellín to know theater Lido

This theater is located on the eastern side of Bolívar Park. Since 1945, the Lido has led the city’s cultural agenda. It has a capacity for 1,100 people and was reopened in 2007 after a restoration. Its program currently includes musical and theatrical presentations, as well as film screenings.

The historical center will always be ideal to learn about the heritage of a city. For example, you can fly to Cartagena (link a la ficha de destino) and experience the magic of its walled city.

A Bike Ride Around the city

Medellín has transformed its public space through green corridors and bike paths. According to the Government of Medellín, 50 thousand people used this means of transportation in 2017. By 2019, 100 thousand are expected to use it. Here are some locations to explore by bike:

Cerro Nutibara and Pueblito Paisa

Destination Medellín to know the Pueblito Paisa

Rising 80 meters above the city, the imposing mountain is one of the most important in Medellín and provides an endurance test for cyclists: 1.25 kilometers uphill. On Sundays, it connects with the city's ciclovía (streets adapted for the enjoyment of bicycle users). On the other hand, the 'Pueblito Paisa' is a replica of the region’s traditional populations during the first decades of the 20th century; it includes a central square, a canteen, a barbershop, handicraft stalls and typical sweets.

Pies Descalzos Park

Destination Medellín to know the park Pies Descalzos (Barefoot)

The park invites its visitors to take off their shoes to explore its sand, stone and water paths. It’s a public space in the middle of the administrative area of La Alpujarra that allows people to connect with Antioquia's soil through their own bodies.

Parque de las Luces

Destination Medellín to know the park Luces

Also known as Plaza de Cisneros, this park is located near the EPM Library, the Carré and Vásquez buildings, and the old railway station, which was an icon of the Antioquia Railroad’s development for decades. The park’s allure lies in the three hundred 24-meter high lamp posts that illuminate the nights in the city.

Explora Park 

Destination Medellín to know the park explora

This museum promotes science and innovation through more than 300 interactive experiences. There are biology, physics and mathematics exhibitions, as well as a planetarium and an aquarium. Simply by crossing the street you can also access the Botanical Garden and the University of Antioquia.

Route Through Medellin's Library Parks

These nine urban complexes devoted to recreation and knowledge began to be built in 2006. They surround the city from its slopes and have a large offer of cultural activities. When planning your flights to Medellín, leave some time to witness the city’s transformation through its libraries:

Presbítero José Luis Arroyave - San Javier Library Park

Destination Medellín to know San Javier Park

In 2006, Comuna 13 (located in the west of the city) became the first zone to have a Library Park. In this same sector you can take an urban art and graffiti tour that reveals the life stories of the community.

León de Greiff - La Ladera Library Park

Destination Medellín to get to know its libraries

 It was built in 2007 in homage to Leon de Greiff -one of the most recognized Colombian poets in the country and in Latin America- and as a solution for urban renewal. It is located in Comuna 8, where La Ladera prison used to operate, and its objective is none other than to connect the neighborhoods and communities of the sector to the end of concerts, gatherings, exhibitions: through culture. In addition, from its heights you can see Medellín almost in its entirety.


Belén Library Park

Destination Medellín to enjoy the routes parks and libraries

 This complex seeks to emulate a Zen atmosphere -of peace, tranquillity- thanks to the designs of the Japanese architect Hiroshi Naito: water mirrors, gardens and a structure with wooden roofs. In fact, its spaces are connected around its three squares: people's square, water square and green square.  It's like feeling in Kyoto, Japan. In addition, it is recognized in the city - it is located in commune XX, where a police station used to operate - for its meeting of emerging music 'Belén Sonoro' and for the oriental literature room in its library.

Tomás Carrasquilla La Quintana Library Park

Destination Medellín to know the park La Quintana

Before 2008 not many people knew the western slopes of the city. This changed when architect Ricardo La Rotta Caballero built the park that bears the name of one of the most representative writers from Medellín: Tomás Carrasquilla. For this, he received an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Colombian Architecture Biennial.

Three Cultural Beacons of Medellin

Matacandelas Theater

Destination Medellín to know mata candela

This theater—which first opened in 1979—and its theatrical company have been witnesses of the city's evolution for the past four decades. With 54 productions (12 of them puppet theater shows), and its most famous works, O marinheiro and Angelitos empantanados, the place has become an emblem of dramaturgy. This initiative 'made in Medellín' is also a stage to enjoy live music. If you visit Matacandelas Theater by bicycle, tickets have a special price of 10,000 COP.

Pedro Nel Gómez House Museum 

Destination Medellín to see the museum house of Pedro Nel Gómez

Murals by Pedro Nel Gómez are scattered throughout the walls of Medellín. You can follow his footsteps at University of Antioquia, Piloto Public Library, Berrío Park, among other places. However, the largest exhibition is located in what used to be his home in the Aranjuez neighborhood. There, the muralist's personal archive, his drafts and more than three thousand of his works are preserved. To visit this space is to peek into the most intimate aspects of his life and production. It’s open from Monday to Saturday, from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon.

Medellin's Museum of Modern Art (MAMM)

Destination Medellín to visit the museum

Located in a building that used to be a steel and metal foundry factory, for forty years the MAMM has discussed the topics of the body and the city as political subjects represented by photography, video, painting, music, dance and technology. Its halls display art as an extrasensory experience and as a matter of feelings.

Do you like to ride a bicycle? Remember that Avianca gives you great benefits to bring your bike with you when you buy your tickets to Medellín. Take a ride around the city of eternal Spring and learn more about “Paisa” culture


5 boutique hoteles in Medellin for sophisticated travelers

Personality and identity are the traits of the boutique hotels in this charming city, chosen in 2018 as the most popular tourist destination in South America thanks to the Travelers' Choice prize, granted by the users of the TripAdvisor website. If you are looking for rest and comfort on your next trip to Medellín, here are some chic hotels that combine a perfect urban location with a luxury design.

The Charlee Hotel

Art, cuisine, culture, fitness lifestyle and passion for design is what guest can perceive in this hotel that reinterprets the traditional concept of hospitality. According to its guests that have already enjoyed, among other things, its roof top located on the 17th floor with a lounge bar, a live DJ show and an aquarium style pool, "Charlee is the friend you can always call to live a spontaneous and extreme adventure."

Celestino Boutique Hotel

This beautiful hotel is located a few blocks from the traditional Parque Lleras in the capital of Antioquia. With a particular and sophisticated design, the place has spacious rooms, some with balconies to enjoy the city's spring weather. 6 km away is the famous Pueblito Paisa, where visitors can enjoy and learn more about the local culture.

Art Hotel Boutique

A movie theater and an art gallery inside a hotel? Sure! This is what the Art Hotel Boutique offers to its visitors. Located in the El Poblado neighborhood, in addition to spacious and comfortable rooms visitors can enjoy a varied collection of works by Colombian artists, while drinking one of the varieties of soft coffee at Café des Artistes.  

Paris Luxury Suites Hotel

Hotel Paris Luxury Suites 2

The best of Parisian design and spirit with the Medellín climate. In this hotel, just 100 meters from Parque Lleras and 400 meters from El Poblado Park, you can enjoy luxurious rooms with a hot tub and jacuzzi that make your well-being a priority.

Terra Biohotel

Strategically located in the Los Conquistadores neighborhood, which connects with the Parques del Río Medellín mega project and the Plaza Mayor (the city's main convention center), this hotel raises the sustainability flag: it offers a responsible and inclusive project resulting in an innovative and comfortable experience for its customers.


What to eat in Medellin?

A guide to make the most of your flights to Medellín, Colombia.


Paisa Flavors at any Time of the Day:

Take advantage of your tickets to Medellín with Avianca and take this tour where every moment of the day becomes an opportunity to taste Medellín's gastronomic diversity.

Salon Versalles

Destination Medellín to enjoy the Versailles Salon

Founded in 1961 in the center of Medellín, this restaurant offers from a continental breakfast (orange juice, coffee with milk, bagels, jam and butter), to a steak 'a caballo' (meat cut with two fried eggs on top). Here, trying the buñuelo (fried corn dough) with chocolate is definitely a must.


Destination Medellín to meet old herd

Specialty: Local cuisine

This restaurant, located in the Las Palmas diversion, opened its doors three decades ago; since then it has been known for offering the best of typical Antioquia food. Bandeja paisa, mondongo and beans with pork rind are some of the dishes served in this restaurant that recalls those large houses and public buildings from colonial times.

Urbania Café 

Destination Medellín to know urbania café

Afternoons in Medellín are accompanied by a cup of Colombian coffee. In this place you can have a 'tinto' (espresso) while you learn about the coffee industry and its processes.

La Boutique de la Buena Mesa

Destination Medellín to enjoy Boutique

Specialty: International cuisine

At the end of the day, visiting this restaurant in the heart of El Poblado neighborhood on Medellín's Golden Mile is a good choice. The Boutique is famous for its hand-made French cheeses accompanied by a range of wines from the south of France, as well as its supply of charcuterie. Some house favorites are the fondue and the raclette.

Typical dishes

Bandeja paisa

Destination Medellín to enjoy the paisa tray

Beans, white rice, ground beef, fried pork, fried egg, patacón (smashed fied plantain), chorizo, arepa paisa (made from ground corn), hogao (chopped tomatoes, chopped onion, oil and salt) and black pudding (rice and pork sausage cooked with coagulated blood).


Destination Medellín to enjoy the Mondongo

A soup prepared with beef tripe, meat and pork rib, chorizo, creole potato, yuca and vegetables.

Arepa de chócolo

Destination Medellín to enjoy chocolate arepa

It is a pre-Columbian preparation that is usually eaten at five in the afternoon along with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

A chef

Juan Manuel Barrientos

Destination Medellín to meet juan manuel barrientos

This chef, entrepreneur and peace leader born in Medellín is the creator and founder of the restaurant chain El Cielo. Barrientos is only 35 years old and has already been selected as one of the 50 best chefs in the region for three consecutive years, according to the 50 Best Latin America list. This 'paisa' has managed to revolutionize traditional cuisine with culinary innovations based on the ancestral roots of Colombian cuisine.

In recent years Peruvian food has been gaining recognition around the world. When you book your flights to Lima, visit some of the best restaurants on the continent.

A Recipe


Destination Medellín to enjoy a Mazamorra

Antioquian mazamorra is considered a traditional Colombian dessert, although in other regions of the country its salty variety is preferred.

For 4 servings

  • 500 grams of corn
  • 4 cups of water
  • A pinch of baking soda 
  • Milk to taste
  • Bocadillo (guayaba paste) or grated panela to sweeten
  1. Allow the corn to soak overnight.
  2. Boil the corn in water for 20 minutes.
  3. When cooked (it should have a soft and spongy texture), add the pinch of baking soda. Let it cook for 10 more minutes, stirring constantly to release a little of the starch.
  4. Add milk and either panela or bocadillo and mix.
  5. Serve either cold or hot.

Are you ready to brighten up your trip with some ‘Paisa’ food? Look for flights to Medellín and try Bandeja Paisa, Mondongo, Arepa de chócolo and Mazamorra.

Recommended events in Medellin

Destination Medellín to enjoy the events of the flower fair

The Medellín Flower Fair is the largest event in the city and even one of the most important in all of Colombia. Enjoy the hospitality of its people, and for ten days, the color and perfume that dresses the city. The fair is a celebration of Antioquian values, so visiting Medellín on these dates will make you fully immersed in its cultural roots.

From August 2 to 11 you will not only find the streets full of flowers, but also thousands of different shows, most of which are free: street art, theater, musical stages, exhibitions, gastronomic routes, and lots of dancing.

The Silletero Parade is the main event and marks the closing of the fair. It is a journey of several kilometers through the city, in which hundreds of peasants carry flowers in silletas on their backs that form beautiful scenes, messages and portraits loaded with native values.

  • Book your tickets to Medellín with Avianca between July and August and experience the joy of the Feria de las Flores!

More events you can't miss


Destination Medellín to enjoy Colombia's fashion events

Fashion Week is one of the most important events in Latin America. It brings together 600 exhibiting brands, 13,000 buyers and about 56,000 visitors at the Plaza Mayor convention center.   

Dates: end of July

Fiesta del Libro

Destination Medellín to enjoy the festival of the book

This event has been held since 2007 to encourage citizens to read through workshops and talks. Admission is free and it takes place in the North Zone, where you can find, for example, the Botanical Garden.

Dates: Prepare your trip for the second week of September

Find more cultural events in Colombia by booking flights to Cali, Bogotá, Cartagena, and all our Avianca destinations.




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Colombian Peso (COP).


Average temperature

22 °C (71 °F)