Direct Connect con certifcación NDC

What is Avianca NDC?

It is a distribution and direct sales channel that offers the best content of Avianca products and services, using the IATA NDC (New Distribution Capability) communication standard.


  • Agility and dynamism in the communication between Avianca and travel agencies.
  • Reduction of unproductive time that generates savings for the agencies.
  •  Illustrative sale of ancillaries and process optimization.
  •  Enriched content of products and services through photos and videos.
  • Innovative solution that allows travel agencies to be at the forefront of technological developments.
  • Greater access to Avianca's entire portfolio of products and services.
  • Prioritized service model to obtain effective solutions.
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Technological partners

NDC Certification Program

The purpose of the NDC Certification Program is to confirm the scope and level of a particular entity's ability to receive and send NDC messages. The Program validates that the structure of the Applicant's NDC messages accurately follows the relevant version of the applicable NDC schemas. The NDC Certification Program does not validate the content of the Applicant's messages, or the quality or other aspects of the Applicant's activities or products, independently or in comparison to those of other entities, nor does it validate, certify or endorse any commercial products. that may result from the use of NDC messages validated under any type of certification under the NDC Certification Program. In addition, in maintaining the NDC Registry, IATA takes no position with respect to the relative quality or other aspects of the activities or products of entities that are not certified under the NDC Certification Program.

Latest news and registration

If you want more information about Avianca NDC leave us your details by filling out the contact form.

Connection and linking process

Report to the assigned sales executive.

Have a commercial approach.

Select the type of connection.

Integrations and configurations.

Sales initiation from Avianca NDC.

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Connection types

  • Aggregator: Intermediary that allows connecting multiple agencies to Avianca's inventory in an efficient way. If the agency already has a product with the aggregator, the integration process is facilitated. See our integrated aggregators.
  • Portal: Interface connected to the aggregator that allows agencies to access products and services in a practical way. The portal can be provided by Avianca or by the aggregator.
  • Direct: Connection to Avianca's products and services through an API (Application Programming Interface). This type of connection requires technical equipment and resources from the agency.

Sandbox is a testing tool that allows third parties to interact with NDC functionalities and preview updates on each of the verbs. If you would like to have access to the sandbox, please complete the request form below.

In this section you will find different examples of flows and functionalities for NDC. All flows are in XML, please modify according to the desired criteria:

  • AccountCode
  • Deferred Payment
  • Servicing - Exchanges

Find technical updates that affect the APIs (verbs/services) that we have available for the different connected third parties; with which their operation evolves.

ARDWeb Portal

It is a graphical environment portal for the commercialization of Avianca products and services through flows.  The ARDWEB portal is another option to connect to Avianca NDC for IATA and NON IATA agencies.

To connect to the interface, all that is required is an Internet connection and user credentials provided by the airline. The process to obtain the credentials can be requested to or with your sales executive.

Solve your doubts

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Check out our questions and answers about Avianca NDC.

  • How is the technical support model according to the type of connection?

Direct: The agency will report the incident through where a specialized team will review the incidents.

Aggregator: Agency will report the incident to the aggregator or web portal provider and the aggregator will validate if it is an issue associated to the platform or if it is related to NDC to contact Avianca support.

  • What is the contact channel for Avianca NDC queries?

Travel agencies and technology providers can write to for Avianca NDC queries.

  • Can reservations or tickets issued in Avianca NDC be deployed in other distribution systems?

No, reservations and tickets issued in Avianca NDC can only be viewed through this channel or in Avianca's direct channel offices.

  • Will sales reconciliation continue to be performed in BSP and ARC?

Yes, tickets issued in Avianca NDC will be displayed in the agency's BSP or ARC report, so as not to generate impacts on sales reconciliation and/or commission payments. 

  • Can tickets be issued with Codeshare routes?

Yes, in Avianca NDC you can issue tickets with routes with airlines that have a Codeshare agreement with Avianca.

  • Is the Branded Fares structure available in Avianca NDC?

The Avianca fare structure is available in the Avianca NDC channel.

  • Can additional services be booked and issued in Avianca NDC?

The main additional services are available in the Avianca NDC channel for booking and issuing. The availability of this product depends on the implementation of each provider.