Measures to protect travellers from COVID-19

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Flexibility policy conditions:

If you have a positive COVID-19 test, are awaiting a test result or are suspected of being infected and have a pending flight with us, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the form found in the "Do you want to postpone your flight?" section of the "My Trips" section to let us know that you will not be able to fly on your flight date.
    Note: You do not have to do anything additional before the original flight date to let us know.
  2. Once you feel better and can certify that you are no longer in the contagious stage (document that supports the medical discharge) or you receive the negative result of the test you were waiting for, enter our "suggestions and complaints form" and send us your information.
  3. You will receive in your e-mail the answer to your request with the information about the exoneration. Please note that the email will be sent from an Avianca domain.
  4. With this email you will be able to visit one of our points of sale or call our call center to choose your new travel date. Remember that you will have up to 30 days after the date of the document that supports the medical discharge to travel without penalty charge for change. Charges for fare difference may apply.

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Reactivation of national and international flights

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These itineraries may be subject to change as some flights are subject to government approval, passenger demand and/or government restrictions per COVID-19.

Clear all your doubts

Resuelve todas tus dudas

See our questions and answers about the reactivation of operations and flexibility policies adopted for your protection.

Exemption and flexibility for affected flights

  • What options do I have if my flight is affected?
    We offer more flexible policies according to the date of purchase of your ticket. Consult them yourself here.
  • How can I find out the status of my reservation?
    Check it yourself here or through MyAvianca App.
  • What should I do if I received an email saying that my flight is affected or that the route I was going to fly on has been definitively cancelled?
    Remember that you have more flexible policies so that you can manage your trips with peace of mind. If you have already defined a new date and route, make the change yourself through If you still don't know when or where to travel, request an Avianca voucher for the same value as your ticket, which we will give you within 4 days of your request.
  • What is the difference between a change penalty and a fare difference?
    The change penalty is an additional charge that is generated, according to the purchased fare, for making a change in the date, time or route of the originally scheduled trip. The fare difference is the balance between the original fare and the new desired fare (note that the difference may be greater or less than the original fare).
  • Is the penalty fee totally waived?
    If the change is made in our direct channels, the administrative fee and penalty will be waived but the fee capping may apply. In case you have purchased your ticket at a travel agency, you must make the change directly with them.
  • If I bought a ticket with Renfe, can I change it without paying a penalty?
    You can change your ticket without penalty, but this initiative does not exempt the charges for changes that may be generated in services of third parties such as Renfe.
  • If my ticket is about to expire, can I leave it open until the situation stabilizes?
    No, if you have not defined a new travel date you can register here and receive a voucher that you can use for a new itinerary. The voucher applies to passengers who are within the reservation, if the ticket was purchased through our direct channels: call center, and points of sale, with routes not flown due to flight cancellation from March 4 to October 31, 2020. The voucher must be redeemed until December 31, 2021, with a maximum flight date of December 31, 2021.
  • What channels are available to help me?
    Find all the information related to Avianca BioCare measures, flexibility policies and more in, through our Facebook Messenger assistant Vianca, LiveCHAT or by calling our call center.

Tickets redeemed with miles

  • Can I request a voucher for tickets purchased with LifeMiles?
    The BONUS does not apply to tickets redeemed in whole or in part with miles. Tickets purchased with miles may have multiple changes without penalty or fare difference, if the flight date is before November 30, 2020 while in the same cabin. For changes after November 30, 2020 and until December 31, 2021, the penalty will only be waived once; after the second change, the penalty will be charged for the change and fare difference. All this with new flight date maximum December 31, 2021. Please note that if you purchased a ticket with miles, you have not used it and it is less than one (1) year old, you can change the itinerary (date and time) and change the route of the trip. Partially used tickets or tickets issued more than one (1) year ago can only be rerouted (date and time), no rerouting or refund. To make changes contact our call center or our LiveCHAT.
  • How do you apply the flexibility to change tickets redeemed with miles?
    You can contact us through our call center or LiveCHAT when you have defined your travel date, please note the following: 
  • If you purchased a ticket with miles, you have not used it and it is less than one (1) year old, you can change the itinerary (date and time) and change the route of the trip. Partially used tickets or tickets issued more than one (1) year ago can only be re-routed (date and time), no re-routing or refund.
  • Tickets with miles redeemed with Avianca are not subject to the availability of the same fare class you purchased; in the case of tickets redeemed with Star Alliance airlines, the change requires availability in the same class you purchased.

Avianca Voucher

  • What is the Avianca voucher?
    It is the reservation and/or ticket that contains your pending flights, with which you can book a future trip. Please note that the voucher does not apply to tickets redeemed with LifeMiles. Find out about all the conditions of the Avianca voucher here.
  • What happens to my ticket when I accept the voucher?
    It becomes a voucher to be redeemed when purchasing tickets, special services, penalties, additional baggage, excess baggage charges and other products and services offered directly by Avianca.
  • If my new ticket is of a different value than the voucher, what happens to the balance or difference?
    If after rescheduling your new trip either at direct Avianca points or with our Travel Partners you still have a credit balance, we will immediately issue you a new voucher so that you can use the remaining money as part of the payment for any of our Avianca services. Please note that this new voucher will have the same validity dates as the initial voucher: To purchase until December 31, 2021 and to fly until December 31, 2021. Consult more conditions of the voucher here.
  • Is the value of the voucher 100% of the value of the ticket or do I get a discount?
    The value of the voucher corresponds to the value of the unused ticket or segment, including applicable taxes.
  • What should I do if I haven't received the voucher?
    The voucher will be sent to your email address within 4 business days.
  • Can I request the voucher if I have already made a change with the change flexibility policy?
    Yes, you can request a voucher even if you have already made a date change. You must take into account the conditions of our current flexibility policy.
  • Once I receive the voucher, where can I use it?
    If your ticket was purchased on any of our direct channels,, Avianca offices or call centers, you can program your new trip on If your ticket was purchased in any of our Allied Travel Agencies, you can program your new trip directly with them.
  • If when I reschedule my new trip with the voucher I have money left over, what should I do?
    If after reprogramming your new trip either in the direct points of Avianca or with our Allied Travel Agencies you still have credit left, we will immediately issue you a new voucher so that you can use the remaining money as part of the payment in any of our Avianca services. Please note that this new voucher will have the same validity dates as the initial voucher: To purchase until December 31, 2021 and to fly until December 31, 2021. Consult more conditions of the voucher here.

Reactivation in Colombia

  • Did Avianca start operations in September? 
    Yes, we restarted domestic flight operations in Phase 1 announced by Aerovicil as of September 1st, with all our biosecurity protocols that have been reinforced and certified by Icontec so that travelers can fly with peace of mind and confidence
  • What national destinations are operating since September 1st?
    On September 1st, the operation was reactivated from Bogota to Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cucuta, Pereira, Bucaramanga and Monteria. Progressively, during the month operations will resume to Santa Marta, Pasto and Villavicencio. Flight frequencies may vary according to the authorizations or restrictions of government authorities.
  • What new national destinations will operate in October?
    In phase 2 of domestic operations, flights will resume, starting October 1st, to Armenia, Corozal, Barrancabermeja, Yopal, Florencia, Ibagué, Manizales, Neiva, Popayán, Riohacha and Villavicencio. These destinations are added to those that had already been reactivated in September: San Andrés, Barranquilla, Cali, Cúcuta, Medellín, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Pasto and Santa Marta.
  • Is it mandatory to present proof of COVID-19 to travel to national destinations?
    According to Resolution 1517 of September 1, 2020 of the Ministry of Health, for flights to departments with a rate of infection of Covid-19 less than 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, and whose main access route is by air, it will be mandatory for people over 7 years old to present the result of the antigen test for COVID-19 before boarding. If the passenger does not present the result or it is positive, he will not be allowed. In the case of our network, the resolution does not apply to any of the destinations we currently operate.
  • What requirements must be met to travel to San Andres?
    Since San Andres is no longer covered by Resolution 1517 of September 1, 2020, which required a PCR test for travel to departments with a low infection rate, it is no longer necessary to present the test for travel and it will only be necessary to follow the travel recommendations for any other national destination.
  • When will international routes be operated?
    We will restart the international operation from September 28th from Medellin to Miami and New York, and gradually during October to different destinations in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Chile and Bolivia. We invite you to be aware of the routes enabled in our official channels and the requirements demanded by the authorities of your origin and destination.
  • Which international routes will be operating in October?
    From September 28th we will restart the operation from Medellin to Miami and New York. From October 1st we will resume flights from Bogota to Guayaquil, Quito, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Miami and New York. And from the 15th we will be reactivating flights to Cancun, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Santiago de Chile, La Paz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Rio de Janeiro and Washington.
  • What are the requirements for international flights?
    Find out here all the requirements set by Immigration Colombia for flights to and from Colombia.

Reactivation in Ecuador

  • When do domestic flights start operating in Ecuador?
    Avianca's operations in Ecuador's domestic market began on June 15, 2020 with flights between Quito, Guayaquil and Manta.
  •  What are the destinations currently operated within Ecuador?
    The airline currently has flights between: Quito, Guayaquil, Baltra or San Cristobal.
  • When will you start flying to El Coca?
    The recovery of the domestic operation will be gradual, according to the demand of the market. Once the itinerary has been defined, it will be formally communicated through the airline's official channels.
  • How is the operation to Galapagos being carried out?
    The operation is being carried out with a Sunday flight alternating between islands for the transport of cargo and passengers, since last August 9th. 
  • Do I have to present a negative COVID-19 test to fly on domestic routes within Ecuador?
    Visit Avianca BioCare in the section "Special measures per country" and review some mandatory exit and entry requirements for the countries that make up your trip.
  • When will international flights resume?
    International flights from Ecuador begin on October 1st with direct flights from Guayaquil to Bogotá and from Quito to Bogotá on October 2nd. You will also be able to connect with several destinations within Colombia and with routes to other countries in America.

Reactivation in Central and North America

  • When did the flights to and from El Salvador start?
    Avianca restarted operations to and from that country on September 19th with the Avianca BioCare program so that travelers can fly with peace of mind.
  • What destinations are being operated from El Salvador?
    The resumption of flights will be gradual and in line with passenger demand, as well as the regulations that each country establishes. In this first stage, which began on September 19, the airline is offering flights from San Salvador to Guatemala City, San Pedro Sula, Managua, San José de Costa Rica and Tegucigalpa in Central America; and, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, San Francisco, in North America.
  • Will the airline have flights to North America from other Central American countries?
    In this first stage, the airline also activated flights between Managua and Miami.
  • Why are there no flights from El Salvador to Mexico, Panama and other destinations in the Caribbean? 
    The reactivation of Avianca's operation will be gradual and in line with the existing demand, as well as with the permissions of the different countries to resume operations. Later on, the airline may announce the opening of flights to other destinations in the region.
  • Which Central American countries are asking passengers for additional requirements by COVID-19 to travel?
    Some of the countries in the region are still determining the requirements for the entry of passengers, so we recommend you to check the pages of the country you are traveling to to confirm if they will ask you for a PCR test. Find out more information here.

Reactivation in other destinations

  • When will all Avianca flights be reactivated?
    The reactivation in the national and international operation will be given gradually according to the measures adopted in each of the countries where we operate. We recommend that you visit our flight offers page frequently where we will communicate the itineraries and dates approved by the local authorities of each market.
  • Are the routes or frequencies of the usual operation going to be reduced?
    Since the beginning of the health emergency generated by the COVID-19 we have adjusted and adapted the itineraries, and we are ready to fly again when the flight suspension is lifted under the strictest biosafety standards. The route network is under constant revision and will depend on the flight restrictions of each country and possibly the demand of the routes.
  • Will there be no more flights to or from Peru?
    Avianca will continue to operate international flights to this country from Colombia and El Salvador.
  • What flights are being cancelled in the coming months?
    Adjustments are being made on both domestic and international flights following government announcements and aviation authority guidelines. In case your flight has been cancelled, remember that you have different options to adjust your travel plans. Learn more about them here.