1. General Information

On the AIRLINE’S DIGITAL CHANNELS – as defined in the Terms of Use-, we use first-party and third-party cookies to facilitate the use and browsing on our DIGITAL CHANNELS and improve the quality thereof, according to browsing behavior and styles. Upon entering our DIGITAL CHANNELS, the User accepts the use his or her stored information by executing cookies in a computer or mobile device according to the indications of the pop-up window on the User’s browser when he or she first accesses the DIGITAL CHANNELS and on the other terms and conditions indicated in the Cookies Policy that is explained below and that every User should know. Therefore, for the User to grant his or her informed and unequivocal consent, and in compliance with applicable regulations, below you will find our Cookies Policy.

We, THE AIRLINES, reserve our right to, at any time, make modifications or updates to our Cookies Policy to comply with new legislation, internal policies or requirements for the provision or offer of services or products. We therefore recommend that Users review it every time they access the DIGITAL CHANNELS to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies. Users who wish to learn more about the cookies we use on the DIGITAL CHANNELS can send an email to: habeasdata@avianca.com

Subject to applicable law, the Spanish version of this Cookies Policy will prevail over any version disclosed in any language. IN the event of any inconsistencies between the Spanish version and any other translation of this Cookies Policy, the Spanish version shall prevail.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are data files generated on the browser and the hard drives of computers, smartphones, tablets or any other device the User uses to access a website. Through them, we obtain information about the Users’ preferences and transactions. Likewise, with this information, we will also customize the User’s experience on the AIRLINE’S DIGITAL CHANNELS. 

Generally, cookies do not collect personal data stored on the Users’ mobile devices or computers. On the contrary, they allow the user to navigate the AIRLINE’S DIGITAL CHANNELS. Depending on the configuration, cookies can store information on the browser or the device.

When the User navigates through the AIRLINE’S DIGITAL CHANNELS, he or she may receive our own or third-party cookies. We will use them to collect information and understand his or her behavior. We will also use them to guarantee an excellent experience with our services and tools. Likewise, if the User accepts the use of cookies, we offer customized attention that fits his or her needs.

3. What are the types of cookies?

Cookies can be our own (first-party) (those that belong to THE AIRLINES) or third-party (owned by a third party, who treats the collected information and, therefore, unrelated to THE AIRLINES); session cookies (that only status information within a session and are eliminated when the user closes the session) or persistent (that remain in a subfolder on your browser until you manually eliminate them or your browser eliminates them depending on the term established for the cookies file); and technical (necessary for the User to navigate), customization (that allow the User to choose features of the DIGITAL CHANNELS, such as, for example, language), analysis (that allow collecting behavior information of Users on the DIGITAL CHANNELS), advertising (allow management of advertising space based on criteria such as the frequency with which ads are shown), or behavioral advertisement (that store user behavior information obtained though continued observation of browsing habits).

4. What types of cookies do we use?

Registration Cookies: They are generated each time the User registers or logs into a session with his or her User and passwords. They are used to identify the User on the web and when he or she uses any of our online services. 

This type of cookies is used to: 

  • Verify if the User is authorized to access certain services or functionalities like automatic loading of passenger information. 
  • Keep the User identified to offer customized navigation. This functionality may be suppressed by the User clicks on “Exit”, so that this cookie is eliminated and the next time he or she is on one of The Airlines’ DIGITAL CHANNELS, the User will need to log in to identify him or herself. 

The name of the registration Cookie used by Avianca is AVSESSION_ID (see table below with technical details of the cookie).

Functionality Cookies: they are used to provide services or remind settings that improve the User experience. Without these cookies, the Airlines’ DIGITAL CHANNELS may not offer certain functionalities; for example, remembering the choices our Users have previously used or customize their navigation experience providing them pertinent information. These cookies may also be used to recognize a specific device so that the User does not have to provide the same information more than once. 

These types of cookies are sued to: 

  • Remember previous flight searches. The names of the cookies used for this functionality are “Búsqueda1”, “Búsqueda2” and “Búsqueda 3”. 
  • Remember the “Do not show certain messages” choice. The names of cookies used for this purpose are: “marquesina-close”, “cookies—close” and “avoid-darksite”. 
  • Remember the settings chosen by the User such as the country and language selection. The name of this cookie is “país-idioma”- 
  • Remember if we have shown the User our Cookies Policy. The name of this cookie is “counter-cookie”. 

Acceptance of functionality cookies is a condition to use the Airlines’ DIGITAL CHANNELS. If the User blocks them, there is no guarantee that he or she may correctly use THE DIGITAL CHANNELS or that the safety thereof works as intended. 

5. How does the User consent of the installation of cookies?

The User’s consent for the installation of technical cookies, or those that are strictly necessary to provide a service by the company of information expressly requested by the recipient, is not required. User’s consent is required for all other instances, and it may be requested by different means. If the User continues browsing the DIGITAL CHANNELS and/or does not disable cookies on his or her browser, as well as if he or she clicks on the Accept button on the banner, he or she will be accepting the use of cookies by THE AIRLINES when visiting our DIGITAL CHANNELS, notwithstanding that, at any time, he or she may revoke or deactivate cookies, eliminating those stored in his or her device using the browser adjustments and configurations.

6. How can I block, eliminate and/or deactivate cookies?

The User can change the browser configuration to disable cookies, prevent or block the installation of cookies and even eliminate cookies already installed on his or her device, at any time. This will not affect access to content on the AIRLINE’S DIGITAL CHANNELS. However, some functionalities of the DIGITAL CHANNELS may be affected, and the User may have to manually configure his or her preferences every time he or she visits a site.

If the User does not wish cookies to be stored on his or her browser or prefers to receive information each time a cookie requests permission, browsing options may be configured to this end. The User may change the configuration of cookies installed on his or her device or browser by accessing the “Help” option in the browse to obtain more details. If the installation of cookies is not allowed, the experience on our DIGITAL CHANNELS may be limited. By disabling cookies, preloaded information will disappear from the pages of our DIGITAL CHANNELS.

Your browser can also include the possibility of selecting specifically which cookies can be installed on your device. Specifically, the User can usually accept one or several of the following options:

  • Reject cookies from certain domains;
  • Reject third-party cookies;
  • Accept cookies as non-persistent (eliminated when the browser is closed)
  • Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.

Popular browsers have safety configuration and functions that allow blocking installation of cookies on your device. Below are various links where Users may find information regarding configuring operation, withdrawing consent or eliminating already installed cookies, provided by the most common browsers: